Coffee with a Personal Touch

There’s a cool, quirky little coffee shop off 12th avenue here in Pensacola called “et Cafe”. It has a lot of character and a lot of characters. It’s way laid back and about as far away from a corporate franchise as you can get.

For example, I was in a little while back and ordered a coffee and a sandwich. As I was paying, it hit me that the price sounded a little high. I was charged for two coffees instead of one. The guy behind the counter was apologetic but he had already run my card. He said, “How about a free coffee next time you come in?” Fine with me.

So I’m expecting a little business card style gift card or something. But instead, he rips a piece of paper out of a notebook and writes this note.


“Dude! Brian Butler should totally get 1 12 oz coffee for my messup!” Sincerely, Joseph aka Stu.

I Love It! Although I’m really not clear about why I love it. I’ve carried this note in my wallet for weeks now and have yet to exchange it for a coffee. Probably never will.



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