“Furious Fireflies” examines the world of words and wonders from the exquisitely ironic to the absurdly beautiful. Crazy juxtapositions and linguistic gymnastics that produce awe and laughter inside my head. Some material comes from inside that very head and some from my explorations. It’s an evolving project so stay tuned.

There’s a wonderful, wild and some might even say inspiring story behind the title of this blog that involves Faulkner, Twain and Shakespeare. I just haven’t made it up yet. I’ll let you know.

Brian L Butler

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I look forward to seeing where your blog goes as it matures. If it’s half as good as the photoblog, I’m sure I will visit regularly. BTW-I’m feeling your pain on the middle school issue. We need to remember to “keep moving forward”.

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