Trying to Get My Head Around My Thoughts

The following sentence is not comforting. If an intelligent but deranged person with access to weapons and no fear of death wants to hurt someone, there’s not much that can stop him. Fortunately, that combination is exceptionally rare. Rare, but as we know, it happens. And when it does, the pain they inflict is almost unbearable. I ache for those children and their families. I read accounts and I cry and … Continue reading Trying to Get My Head Around My Thoughts

Brush with Greatness

Brush with Greatness I’m reading The 50 Funniest American Writers. It’s an anthology by Andy Borowitz. Good stuff. When I finished the George Carlin section, I turned the page and, BAM! The next story caused a memory to come flooding back. A connection to a little story I tell. A brush with greatness. I occasionally have these strange little star crossings. Meeting someone famous, usually while … Continue reading Brush with Greatness

Why I’m Running

Why I’m Running Some basic journalistic, who, what, where, when and why. The why is the most important part of this event so I’ll keep the others short. Who: Me (And around 4,000 new friends.) What: The Runyon 5K (May not be the NYC Marathon but the Where and the Why make it special.) Where: Yankee freakin’ Stadium! NYC. (It’s really just Yankee Stadium. I added the “freakin’” … Continue reading Why I’m Running