Six-Word Memoirs

Six-Word Memoirs

I haven’t picked up the book yet but I stumbled across this preview video from a while back. Very cool concept and there are some gems in there. The first part of the video explains what’s going on.

I took a Hemingway class back in college from a professor who was a complete Hemingway nut. He was so passionate about the subject that it became one of my favorite classes ever. In his life, he had tried to go to the places Hemingway had gone and do the things Hemingway had done. From Cuba to the Keys to bullfights in Spain, this professor had tried to experience things fist hand. It made for a wonderful class. I haven’t seen the professor in years. Hopefully he hasn’t shot himself in the head yet.

The Hemingway quote that inspired the book is well known and hard to top but I tried to write a few six-word “stories” myself tonight. I’d love to hear more if you have them.

Philosophical – “Two things I fear: Fame. Anonymity.”

Dramatic – “Was she crying when you called?”

Comedic – “Hey honey…mom’s on Springer again!”

Not Hemingway but a whole lot of fun. And I’m reminded that it takes longer to write shorter.


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