I started playing with Google+ a couple of days ago. It’s hard to tell until I build things up a bit but so far I like what I see.

The coolest thing so far is hooking back up with some photoblog friends from a few years ago. This, that and the other has gotten me far away from regular posting on the old Panhandlin’ photoblog so I had lost touch with some really great people. I learned so much and made new friends from around the world with that blog and I didn’t really appreciate it until it was gone. (original huh:)

But maybe it’s not gone. I’m forming a circle of photography friends on G+ and I quickly remembered why I loved them so much. I don’t know what will happen with this new toy but I’ve already gotten something pretty cool out of it.

Android Holga at the Beach

I am intrigued and inspired by the constant barrage of instant images. Cameras are everywhere and what a photographic image means is evolving. Images from cell phones that are at times mundane and at times wonderful. Digital images made to resemble their antique, analog ancestors. Is it cheating? Is it fair game? Does anyone care about the how as long as the end product is an excellent image.

What an amazing wave to ride and what a journey to discover and create with new options.

Exponential Times

The tools I use daily to earn a living did not exist when I was a younger and trying to decide what to do with my life. A form of my current job was around then but so completely different I’m not sure I would have the ability or the desire to do it.

Today, things are moving even faster. The real world is light years ahead of our current education system and the gap widens every day. I have some ideas about how best to prepare my daughters for the future but there are still far more questions than answers.

A form of this video has been floating around for a year or two but this newer version still drives the point home.

Did you Know? 3.0


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